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What’s happening to your skin after the menopause?

Menopause comes to all women and has dramatic effects on your skin. It's an inevitable part of life just like ageing. There IS something you can do about it however.

Menopause comes to all women. It’s an inevitable part of life just like ageing. Many things change around this crucial point in a woman’s life. You may find yourself becoming more irritable, having hot flashes and lacking concentration. The effects can be far reaching and sometimes unbearable for some women. 

The effects on the skin are also undeniable. You’re approaching your 50s and you look in the mirror and start to notice lines and wrinkles, your skin looks more thin and fragiles and dark patches have appeared. Your skin feels dry with larger pores and feels as though it’s lost its lustre. This seems to have happened so quickly since you started going through the change. But why? Why now, why so fast? And more importantly, what can you do about it. Well the good news is we know why your skin is changing around this time and there IS something that can be done about it. But first let’s take a look at what is happening in your skin around menopause and why it’s happening? 

What happens to your skin in menopause?

Interestingly, many women don’t associate these dramatic changes to their skin with menopause, just with getting older. Many women report a sudden onset of skin aging several months after menopausal symptoms begin. Menopause brings with it oestrogen deficiency which causes accelerated age-related deterioration, resulting in thinner skin, an increase in number and depth of wrinkles, increased skin dryness, and decreased skin firmness and elasticity. This is what we term Oestrogen deficient skin.

Oestrogen loss, however, is a key factor in accelerated facial ageing. So how do you know if your skin is becoming oestrogen deficient? Most women will start to go through menopause in their mid to late 40s and early 50s. You may start to notice that your  moisturizer is no longer working and your skin has lost its ‘glow,’ or you may have more creases around your eyes, lips, and nose.

According to clinical trials, in the first five years of menopause low oestrogen levels lead to a 30 per cent loss of the skin’s collagen and a subsequent 2% each year thereafter.

Using the power of topical oestrogen to rejuvenate skin

Starting hormone replacement therapy can bring about dramatic improvements in your skin quality and appearance. Unfortunately, systemic HRT comes with its own risks such as breast and uterine cancer and blood clots to name just a few. Furthermore it is not prescribed purely for cosmetic reasons in the UK. Did you know however that oestrogen can be applied topically to the skin, giving all the benefits direct to where they are intended and avoiding the risk of systemic HRT?

Epidermal thinning is associated with aging, and topical oestrogen has been shown to reduce epidermal thinning in aging skin. Studies have shown that dermal thickness can be increased by 30%. Dermal hyaluronic acid levels are increased which also improves the skin’s hydration. Skin wrinkling occurs with ageing and occurs due to decreased skin elasticity as a result of elastic breakdown in the skin’s connective tissue. 

Your skin’s elasticity has been shown to decrease by 1.5% per year, a change not seen in women on HRT. Topical oestrogen has also been shown to increase skin collagen, elasticity and reduce skin wrinkling in post menopausal women. All of this amounts to younger, more hydrated and youthful looking skin with reduced wrinkles. 

In summary oestrogen is critical to maintaining healthy, radiant, youthful looking skin. In our clinic, after a thorough assessment and consultation with our doctors we can prescribe specially compounded topical oestrogen cream with other powerful ingredients such as alpha lipoic acid to maximise the benefits. It is also essential to remember that a good skincare regime should always include antioxidants to protect the skin from the environment’s harmful effects and Sun Protection factors. This all ensures that your skin is kept in the best possible condition well into your later years.

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