Treatments for Men

Aesthetic and skin rejuvenating treatments for the man of today.

Aesthetic treatments for men are growing significantly in popularity. The modern man is conscientious about his appearance, and we are seeing men seek treatments to keep their features strong, sharp and youthful. In a world where we are constantly surrounded by images of women it can be easy to forget the needs of men. We have not forgotten the needs of our valued male clients however. We understand the aesthetic concerns of men differ and tailor our treatments to them accordingly. 

What makes men different?

Due to higher levels of testosterone, men’s skin is about 25% thicker than women’s skin. It has a greater amount and density of collagen in the skin, which makes their skin thicker and less prone to wrinkling and apparent ageing. The muscle mass under the skin tends to be stronger in men than women. Men’s skin is rougher and better hydrated than women’s, possibly because of the higher level of sweat production. Whilst this may have the advantage of better hydration, some men can suffer from excess sweating which can have a big impact on clothing choice or even confidence in social settings.

Despite this genetic advantage men have historically neglected their skin, whether it be lack of moisturizing or use of sunscreen. Most of this is not their fault however as you don’t know what you aren’t told. Men’s skincare has all too often focused on shaving and aftershave, with any mention of skincare usually bringing about thought of pink ladies creams.

This is not the case however, men are looking after their bodies more and great skincare should be no exception. It’s important to receive aesthetic and skincare treatments from a medically trained clinician who understands these differences and can adapt your treatment accordingly.

Check out some of our doctors favourite treatments for the modern man:

Chin and Jawline
A strong, defined jawline represents strength and masculinity. Indeed, many many studies have identified it as a one of the most physically attractive features in men. Dermal filler expertly placed at specific points along the jawline can help create the ideal male lower face contour.

A New Perspective

Forget everything you thought you knew about aesthetic treatments. They are not just for women. Inquire today for your free consultation.

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