Refresh you under eye area to reveal a rested and youthful look

The Eyes Have It

The under-eye area is often one of the first regions of the face to show early signs of ageing. From the age of 30, 50% of women complain about under eye circles. Loss of volume under the eye can lead to a shadowy sunken appearance known as a tear trough which can often be accompanied by darkening of the skin colour. 

Genetic factors, lack of sleep, smoking, alcohol and sun exposure can all contribute to developing dark circles.

Under eye circles give the impression of being tired and aged. Our doctors can provide a long lasting solution to treat under eye circles.

Do people comment that you look tired? 

The Common Enemy

From the age of 30, 50% of people complain about under eye circles

There is a solution

Establishing the cause and nature of your eye concerns is essential. Our doctors will carefully assess, diagnose the problem and discuss a treatment plan with you at your consultation. 

A very effective treatment is with hyaluronic acid filler. This is an advanced procedure whereby we use a cannula (blunt needle) to carefully place the dermal filler to correct the tear trough deformity.

We use Teosyal Redensity II which is saturated with 14 essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals and the potent anti-oxidant glutathione. So even after the treatment, it will continue to rejuvenate the skin over time for optimal long-term results.

The procedure is quick, delivering instant results and has minimal bruising if any.  Results can last up to 12 months before a repeat treatment is needed.

In addition to dermal filler, we can also use platelet rich fibrin to give an additional boost to skin quality and tightness to the under eye area.

*Individual results may vary.


Usually only one treatment is needed. We routinely review all of our clients after two weeks to ensure they are happy with the result. Occasionally a further treatment may be required. This is a very delicate area and we feel it is best to proceed cautiously to avoid overfilling the area which can produce undereye puffiness.

Minor bruising can occur, this is minimised by the use of a cannula (a blunt needle). There may be some swelling and tightness around the area for a few days. This is an advanced procedure and does carry other more serious risks such as vascular occulision if not performed by practitioner skilled in the procedure. Your doctor will go through all risks and benefits with you at you appointment.

You may not be suitable for the procedure if you have large undereye bags, puffiness/fluid or very loose skin. Your doctor will make an accurate assessment of your suitability at your free consultation.

We use only hyaluronic acid fillers which is a substance naturally produced by our own bodies. Therefore if you are not happy with the result then we can dissolve the filler for you.

We recommend avoiding application of make up for the first 6 hours after treatment.

win the battle against under-eye circles

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