Skin Lesion removal

Remove unwanted skin lesions

Removal of minor skin lesions for cosmetic purposes is not available on the NHS which can leave many people feeling frustrated. Skin lesions can create a self-consciousness and make us hide parts of ourselves that otherwise we would confidently have on show. We recognise the importance of this and provide a solution that is quick and efficient so you can get on with wearing the clothes you want to wear and not having to hide parts of yourself away. 

At Nouvelle, we are able to quickly and effectively diagnose and remove a number of bothersome minor skin lesions. The following skin lesions can be treated following consultation with minimal downtime. 

Skin tags are small, soft, fleshy growths on your skin. They can vary in colour and size and are usually found on the neck, armpits, around the groin, or under the breasts.

Milia are small bumps made up of keratin trapped under the skin. They can appear anywhere but tend to mainly develop around the eyes. They can be easy to mistake for acne spots or skin tags.

Warts are small lumps that develop on the skin, caused by a viral infection. Verrucas are a type of wart that affect the bottom of the feet. Most people will have warts at some point. They usually go away on their own, but it can take months or even years and be uncomfortable or unsightly. More than one treatment may be required for these lesions.

Seborrheic keratosis/warts are benign growths due to a build-up of skin cells. They are very  common, particularly in older people but may occur even in the young.

Haemangiomas are a collection of small blood vessels that form a lump under the skin. They’re
sometimes called ‘strawberry marks’ because the surface of a haemangioma can look like the surface
of a strawberry. Small lesions may be effectively treated with plasma soft surgery.

Solar lentigos or ‘age spots’ are harmless brown hyperpigmented skin lesions caused by natural or
artificial ultraviolet (UV) light. They are especially common in those with fairer skin.

Spread the cost of your treatment

We have partnered with the Payl8r payment service to provide you with the ability to spread the cost of your treatment over several monthly installments.

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