Interested In Having Botox In Wirral?

When Botox is done well it is highly effective, not just for treating wrinkles, but also for preventing them from forming in the first place. It offers quick and effective results which last from 3-6 months. Men usually require higher doses than women, which is why it costs slightly more.

When having Botox carried out, it’s important to choose the right clinic who can provide all the information and advice you need. Nouvelle Aesthetix always listens closely to our clients’ needs and tailor our treatments accordingly.

Ideal for people based in Wirral, our cosmetic practitioners will ensure treatment is done to the highest standard. We can carry out one area of Botox for only £150.

Nouvelle Aesthetix is a medical aesthetics clinic based in South Wirral that offers a number of anti-wrinkle treatments.

 Our cosmetic injections use a safe and simple procedure perfect for treating dynamic wrinkles. The discomfort caused during the procedure is also kept to a minimum. The needles we use are tiny and are administered very carefully and precisely. No sedation or local anaesthetic is required.

We will make you aware of all the risks and benefits before going ahead. For example, you should not have Botox if you have neuromuscular disorders such as myasthenia gravis.

Discover more about having Botox at our clinic today, or simply get in touch today.


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