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anti-wrinkle therapies

Facial expressions and movement are what gives us our unique personality and character. These natural movements convey our all-important emotions to others. Our skin naturally stretches and contracts over the underlying muscles that produce our facial movements.

When we are younger our skin is very elastic like a rubber band and springs back into shape even after significant movement. This rubber band starts to lose its elasticity with age as the skin becomes thinner. With each muscle movement, the skin will stretch but retracts incompletely with the spring like retraction reducing over time much like an old rubber band. Over a number of years this leads to the formation or wrinkles and later, folds.

Treatment areas

Following consultation with our doctors, a suitable wrinkle treatment will be offered to address the specific areas of concern.

We have treatments that can address crow’s feet, forehead lines and more. We can treat the neck, give eyebrow lifts or even reduce sweating.

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  • Procedure takes 30 minutes
  • No anaesthetic
  • Results last 3-5 months
  • No downtime


Many people are apprehensive about treatments resulting in them looking overdone or frozen. We understand that the aim for anyone is to simply give the skin some gentle and subtle restoration so you can enjoy the benefits of having skin closer to how it used to be, when it would spring back into shape more easily. 

Our emphasis is on safety, with the aim of restoring a more youthful look. Our procedures are designed with comfort in mind, and you can usually return to your daily activities immediately with no downtime required.

*Individual results may vary.

wrinkle therapies

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